New Recurring* Feature: [Design Spotlight]

You heard it here first, I’m starting a recurring* feature. The catch is that I can make no promises as to the frequency at which they recur. Due to the rather unpredictable nature of life, I often find myself inconvenienced, in mild peril, or otherwise distracted by shiny wikipedia articles that lead down an information rabbit-hole.

Irregardless, I will occasionally and sporadically create a Design Spotlight: an article reviewing a (relatively) recent advance in game design or storytelling, which has been or could be applied to MMOs. Just as a hint, the next Design Spotlight will draw from a very brief, and primarily 2-person game called Journey, developed by thatgamecompany. Do some homework on it, there’s a lot we can learn and discuss.

In case you don’t know it, perhaps you’ll recognize the pictures. It’s the game with the desert and the mysterious figure with a long red scarf. Oh the lessons in storytelling and natural quest design we can discuss…

Stay tuned!


– Machination

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