[That’s a Stupid Idea]: The End Is Near!

Hello ambiguous gaming blog community! It’s time for another decrypted idea, and this one’s real simple:

MMOs bear a startling resemblance to a reality TV show. The best ones have a well-thought out, rich storyline that leads up to a definite ending. And like most reality TV shows, MMOs tend to run beyond the normal lifecycle, shutting down only when they are no longer profitable. What it means, is a ton of ‘filler’ content. It means that each ‘season’ (expansion) must introduce some antagonist even greater than the one before.

Most importantly, it means that the story will drag on in chunks until the producers decide there’s no money left to be had, at which point it is promptly scrapped. Sound familiar?

Totally saw that one coming

So why not make an MMO with a pre-defined ending time, say 3 years from launch. The main world story could be richly detailed, with major events planned on a monthly basis that lead up to the finale. And WHAT a finale that would be! I mean, most MMOs don’t even last that long anyways, right? Might as well go out with a bang.

Would you participate in that spectacular finale?

Would anyone still play it knowing that it will end?

Don’t all games have to end eventually?

Food for thought.


3 thoughts on “[That’s a Stupid Idea]: The End Is Near!

  1. That’s exactly how the MMO A Tale In The Desert does work – it ends and restarts every year or so. Great idea.

    • I’ve actually played ATITD and enjoyed it thoroughly. I never experienced one of the Tale ‘restarts’ firsthand, but it always sounded like a fun concept. It solves some of the issues with level/content inflation.

      I wonder what it would be like as a developer to plan such an epic conclusion, especially if you knew it was the absolute final ‘Tale’ or restart.

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