Well, I admit it. I’ve been slacking. But among my psychotic real-life schedule, I’ve picked up a couple of the more obscure MMORPGs and got a good taste of ’em. Ryzom caught my attention because it has a richly detailed crafting system, and the ability to create your own skills. Battlestar Galactica Online snagged me because as a fan of the show, I of course wanted to participate in a story alongside the heroes I knew.

I can’t speak much for Ryzom yet, but Battlestar Galactica Online struck me immediately as an enjoyable experience. Constantly battling the other faction’s players and AI, while flying through the beautiful cosmos that are so prevalent in space combat games. And then the music hooked me. There’s something strange and yet comforting about flying around in the black.

At any rate, I thought I should at least let you know why I’m slacking on the blog, and where you can find me. Both games are free to play, so experience at your own liesure. I’ll not be pursuing either of these seriously, but if something strikes me as particularly stellar, I’ll write up a Design Spotlight.


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