[Shameless Plug]: Introducing Tranquility

Apologies for the delay, my schedule has returned to it’s normal psychotic pace. In the interim, I’ve started a little group project that might be of interest:

Tranquility: A game about not doing things

Tranquility: a mobile game designed to relax you as you play. It’s an experiment in game design which offers a unique challenge. How do you design a game that is compelling and excites the player, if the goal is to get them to relax and become less excitable?

I’ll be researching therapeutic relaxation techniques, similar game designs, and dipping my toe into procedurally generated landscapes and background music. I’ll post with updates as the project progresses.

The concept at the moment, is to select a timed session of gameplay (1 – 15 minutes), start at a somewhat frantic pace, and progress towards a more relaxed state. As you unlock each stage, the music becomes more soothing and ambient, the colors change from warm to cool schemes, and the gameplay attempts to get your physical breathing rate to slow down.

It’ll be an aventure.