Least Wanted MMO Features in 2013

As part of my little “sentiment gathering” experiment, I’ve made a list of the Least Wanted MMO features to go with last post’s Most Wanted. It’s a summary of the most complained about aspects, taken from various forum threads and blog comments.

So far, here’s what I’ve heard, in order of loudness:

  1. Boring
  2. Infinite gear grind (better gear to kill better mosters to get better gear to kill…)
  3. Infinite quest/level grind (kill things, get reward, kill more things, get reward, kill…)
  4. 50 thousand skill buttons (primarily targeted at WoW-alikes)
  5. Flying, teleportation, and quicktravel (loudly proclaimed as ‘ruining the experience’)
  6. Tank’n’Spank style combat (tank, healer, damage-dealer)
  7. Skill rotation combat
  8. Useless junk (vendor trash such as “ruined pelt”, or “broken bone fragment”)
  9. Zerg guilds, Zerging in PvP, Zerging in general
  10. Spam. Commercial spam (advertisements) + Game spam (mass invites).

While this little bit of research is nowhere near professional or complete, I’m still surprised at what types of rage floated to the top. First and foremost, I’m surprised that not one complaint surfaced about cash-shops, or more notably the blatant ubiquitous advertisements for in-game cash items. That’s on my personal top ten.

What’s sad is that the worst offenders (for this sample) happen to make up about 85% of all game-time (gear grind, and quest/level grinding). Unfortunately, it’s easy to make extremely vague complaints, and  it was no different in the threads I observed. Among the vocal crowd, there’s clearly huge dissatisfaction with the leveling process, as well as combat. Pretty much the loudest players would like a significant move away from WoW’s mechanics in whatever new game they play. As of 2013, I believe that those dreams will continue to be realized. Ever since breakthroughs like The Secret World and Guild Wars 2, we’ve moved on a little farther.

Also the rallying cry for “No Quicktravel” was surprising. I wonder if people would still be in favor if they actually had quicktravel removed, or if this is more of a knee-jerk injustice.



3 thoughts on “Least Wanted MMO Features in 2013

  1. Most of those would be on my “what I want more of” list. I very definitely want more “tank&spank” encounters – I loathe and detest scripting and bosses with clever tricks. Just stand there and let me kill you!

    Zerging is what MMOs were made for, surely? What’s more MM than 50+ adventurers tearing up the scenery like a mini-mongol horde? More of that, please.

    Grind is only grind if you aren’t engaged. If you are it’s pressing the pleasure button over and over.

    As for boredom, didn’t these people listen to their mothers? Only boring people get bored.

    Flying, teleports, fast travel – all good. A mix of fast and slow travel works for me.

    The 50,000 skill buttons and skill rotations, those I’ll agree with.

    • Yeah, I realize that this represents only vocal forum-goers, not so much the thoughtful blogger types like you and I. Everyone’s got different preferences, and I suspect that the bulk of the silent ones are less passionate about their frustrations.

      Now zerging I can see both ways. There’s the frustrating kind when zerging is unfair to others, when used as an always-win strategy in a scenario that was meant to be more complex than that (read TSW’s PvP). Then there’s the magical, open-world kind where 1000 newbies get together in a massive raid to go and try to invade an enemy capital. Or EVE Online, which is epic free-for-all zerging in its most ruthless and enjoyable form.

      I guess if one skilled player were capable of taking out 4-5 unskilled ones of the same level, zerging would be not so frustrating in PvP. Right now, it’s kind of like ancient warfare, where numbers equated to victory.

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