Find The Key Podcast #6: What is a Living Story?

What is a Living Story?

Today we are joined again by Martin, as well as a special guest, Ashley, who is a collaborative author and game master. We talk about our own personal visions for a “Living Story” and some of the challenges of it. All in our latest “Find The Key” podcast.

In short, a Living Story is one in which:

  • You can fully participate, and your actions influence your story
  • The consequences of your actions have persistence. They don’t reset or respawn.
  • The story is guided by the hand of some form of author. More than just stats or probability, some guiding force needs to carefully manipulate your personal story to be interesting.
  • That guiding force must adapt to your intentions and actions, thus allowing you to shape your own story.
  • The story makes you genuinely care about your character.

If accomplished, this would be neither a Sandbox, nor a Themepark, but more of a Living World in which great interactive stories are told. Pen and paper campaigns already fall in this category, but the big question is how to make it digital. How to scale it up to a thousand players… a million?

For the first-timers, Find The Key is primarily about “stories in games,” which differ thematically and structurally from other fiction (books and movies). We talk about what makes game stories great, examples of classic or new interactive stories, and fiction in general. As always, you can add your voice to ours here with your own opinions on our latest subject.


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