Find The Key Podcast #7: A Villain We Love To Hate

Should a villain be more complex than just a ball of hatred and evil? Can we make game villains that are intelligent enough to creatively antagonize the players?

Find out in our latest episode of the “Find The Key” podcast

A quick outline of our show notes:

  • What makes a game character hate-able?
  • Should the primary villain be completely irredeemable or must they be more complex?
  • How might a villain work in a “Living Story”?
  • What about the idea of a “Global Villain”? Or villains that take the collaborative efforts of hundreds, if not thousands of players to topple?


For the first-timers, Find The Key is primarily about “stories in games,” which differ thematically and structurally from other fiction (books and movies). We talk about what makes game stories great, examples of classic or new interactive stories, and fiction in general. As always, you can add your voice to ours here with your own opinions on our latest subject.


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